Styxx and Bones Lacrosse Tournament

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Sat, 10/05/2024
Delaware Technical & Community College Terry Campus
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Coaches, Fall is approaching fast and though some of your seasons have not started, it’s never too soon to build for next year. My name is Anthony Edwards, the program manager for Rippin Twine Lacrosse, and I would like to inform you and your players of some of the opportunities we are offering for your athletes this fall. This fall Rippin Twine Lacrosse will be holding its Second annual Styxx & Bones Fall Classic. This is a 7 V 7 tournament that will be held on October 23, 2011 and will be available to all high school. The cost of the tournament is $350 per team. The location of the tournament will be held at Delaware Tech Community College in Dover, Delaware. Each team will be guaranteed at least 4 games then a playoff for the top 4 teams. The rules are of the tournament are in this format: Ø 20 minute running halves with 5 minute half time (this leaves 10-15 minute passing/rest time ) Ø Face off after every goal Ø Limit 3 poles on the field at one time Ø 2A, 2M, 2D, 1G format Ø A and D must stay behind GLE on face offs Ø Penalties enforced with fast break at the midline Ø LOW CONTACT Ø No timeouts Ø No horns on sideline (all substitutions on the fly) This tournament is not only inexpensive, it is a great way to help support the growth of lacrosse in the state of Delaware and gain valuable insights and skills associated with playing at the next level. I have attached a brochure that can be easily printed out that lists the dates, times, cost, and any other useful information you may need to fully inform your players and/or parents. If possible, I would very much appreciate it if you could print this document and give to your athletes to consider. My contact information is also listed on each of the flyers so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at or call me directly at (443)278-4247. Thank you very much for your time, and good luck in the rest of your seasons! Sincerely, Anthony Edwards
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Anthony Edwards


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Bob Townsend
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